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"New Book Breaks Down 7 Unforgettable Pillars To Living a Life Of Fulfilment & Purpose"


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"New Book Breaks Down 7 Unforgettable Pillars To Living a Life Of Fulfilment & Purpose"

It was around 10 years ago...

I had almost everything- but didn't feel like it.

I had the amazing family, successful business, the house & cars etc. 

But I felt as though something was missing.

You see, ever since I was a child I wanted to be remembered as someone who was generous and giving.

That's all I wanted- to leave the earth with a legacy of love.

But as life flew by, decades march on, I forgot about those intentions I once held so tightly.

Things happened, people I held dear passed on and it become a timely reminder to come back those things I truly desired out of life.

Several experiences led me to decide to give away my kidney in 2012 and which led to some further and potentially life threatening complications with my health.
7 days after the transplant I was in really bad shape in hospital.

I eventually recovered after two painful and nerve racking weeks.

However as I was coming good I received a letter informing me that my kidney had found it's new host and had allowed this person to get their health and life back.

From that moment i received the greatest feeling of joy I'd ever experienced.

And I decided there and then that I wanted my life to mean so much more.


I dedicated my life to helping other people live inspiring, empowering lives and over the last 10 years since that moment I have gone on and been a part of countless community contribution projects and I've discovered that everybody deserves to (and can) lead amazing, fulfilling and purpose filled lives. 

But the biggest thing holding them back is they are missing a proven framework to model and guide them.

So during the last 10 years I've discovered through my studies of the greatest wisdom I could get my hands on- plus my own hard fought experience and lessons- 7 Guiding Principles that when understood & implemented can allow people just like you to live inspiring, fulfilling & meaningful lives.

These 7 Principles Are In My New Book...

The Happiest Man In The Universe: One Mans Guide To A Life of Fulfilment & Contribution

What's inside?
Inside the Book I break down the 7 Principles that have allowed me and the people I've helped over the last 10 years to live lives of deep fulfilment, impact & meaning.
It's only $9.99 on this page BUT you are getting so much more than just a book...
When you grab the ebook you'll also receive:
Bonus #1: Audiobook
Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of The Happiest Man in the Universe Today! 
Audiobook: With special bonus content & conversations not in the ebook! Absorb twice as much by listening along while you read. Or whack it on in the car, on the bus or while you workout.
Bonus #2: The 21 Day Happiness Challenge
"Apply the principles of the Happiest Man in the Universe during The 21 Day Happiness Challenge!"
After you read the Happiest Man in the Universe book, the first question most people have is: "Where should I start!?!" The answer is the 21 Day Happiness Challenge!

This challenge is a kickstart to get you moving forward quickly. It will give you a day by day roadmap to follow to get you from where you are today, to where you want to be!
Bonus #3: HMITU Facebook Group Access
Meet others on the same mission!
Join a community of like-minded people on the same journey as you. Here you can share stories, get regular communications & updates from me, and keep yourself on track.

You Can Grab THE BOOK On Amazon BUT...

You won't get all of the amazing bonuses found on this page!

This book allows people to go from:

State A
  • Have experienced success but don't feel satisfied
  • Living in negativity
  • Feeling bound to the opinions of others
  • Lack of purpose
  • Trouble regulating emotions
  • Getting over your past. (regret, shame, disappointment)
  • Overwhelming and unhealthy stress
State B
  • Profound, deep fulfilment
  • Contributing to others in a meaningful way
  • Empowered in all areas of life
  • Grateful
  • Inspired
  • Attaining a level of 'Life Mastery'
  • Radical responsibility for your life and happiness

The Surest Path to achieve this transformation is through My Unique Framework and 7 Guiding Principles outlined in the book:

  • Take Responsibility
  • Take No Offence
  • Contribution & Generosity
  • Challenge Yourself
  • Say Yes More
  • Let Go Of Guilt
  • Be Extraordinary
How Does The Book Work?
It's a short, simple & easy to read 78 page ebook. I've broken my framework down to purely the most important and foundational content. You could read the book over a weekend and start implementing your learnings straight away. 

What People are Saying about the Book

The Happiest Man Guarantee

This book works BUT it's not for everyone.

So, if you read the book and don't get what you are looking for... send me an email to and I'll give you a refund no questions asked.

Who is gordo?

Gordon Rutty is a father, businessman, community builder & philanthropist. He has spent the last 10 years empowering others to live lives of deep fulfilment and purpose through his 7 pillar framework. Originally from Jamaica, he now resides with his wife and sons on the Gold Coast, Australia.



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